Sunday, 10 July 2011

Come and get Uncivilised - The second Dark Mountain Festival 19-21 August

Last year in May two friends and I headed to the beautiful Welsh town of Llangollen for the first Uncivilisation Festival  that grew from the Dark Mountain Project. In a poetic stroke of foreboding I came across the DM website months before (don't ask me how) while scouring the web for a cheap B&B with an open fireplace  to stay on New Year's eve. 
I found the perfect B&B in Shropshire. I also found in Dark Mountain this other welcoming place to sit around a metaphorical fire place and connect with people who craved new and fresh approaches to the well known issues of our time. Dark Mountain's motto of the end of the world as we know it not being the end of the world full stop, greatly appealed to me. Much good discussion happened on the Dark Mountain blog in the months leading up to the festival. 
Once we got to Uncivilisation the inspiration was palpable in the air all weekend. While the venue wasn't ideal, the ideas, music, poetry and just the pleasure of connecting with amazing people left us buzzing. And it wasn't a flash in the pan - for me personally, the experiences took me back to a path I had left for too long, opening up a lot of new possibilities. Lasting connections were built at the festival, and new ones are still growing. I'm looking forward to talking, sharing, learning, celebrating, story telling and sitting round fires with those I met last year, with others I've only met virtually so far and hopefully with a whole lot of new mountaineers and uncivilisers!  This year's venue in Hampshire promises to be a lot more Dark Mountainish too!
So if you want to participate in this exciting discussion, to inspire and be inspired, go and book your tickets while you can! And as if that wasn't enough, there is also the beautiful and thought provoking second Dark Mountain book  just out!



  1. Hi, As one of those who also "headed to the beautiful Welsh town of Llangollen for the Uncivilisation festival"... last year, followed up by DM meetings and the smaller event in the gorgeous Laurieston Hall. Resonating with your metaphorical fire. I've noted, and been thinking again recently, that The Dark Mountain Project seems the 'fireplace', and all those who come to sit around it's hearth contribute whether in stories, sharing knowledge, conversations, or spoken/unspoken thoughts and contemplation. And how the weaving in of all of this, from our different contexts, perspectives and situations, adds to the alchemy and ongoing transformation.

    I've been thinking this again recently due to a wonderful piece by @dymaxion, and conversations I've had with you and others.

    And how a fire, even metaphorically, feels an inviting and welcoming place for all.

  2. Yes, I read that piece and was really glad she wrote it! Will be good to practice the bringing in of all voices at Uncivilisation and to be mindful of the things that @dymaxion pointed out in that post.