Thursday, 6 January 2011

Look at us

See our faces etched on the side of a mountain
Creeks and rivers moving in our veins
The heart of the deer and the eagle
living, beating in our chests -
Our bones the chalky cliffs
by the oceans, our lifetimes
the eternal shifting of a wave
Our thoughts the beetroot and poison ivy 
in the gardens of existence
Our symphonies a verse in the
love song of the world -
All our poems but a line
in the great spirit’s prayer
Our smiles a sunrise on the face of the earth -
And our consciousness not the crown
But a mirror reflecting 
The world's Beauty to itself
And what if this was the end and the beginning
Our journey, destination and plan
This our forgotten holy nature
To share the one true garment
and weave our threads into 
the fabric of the world

Daniela Othieno October 2010

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